School @ Marshall Music is what it is today as a result of the idea that was started 8 years ago. It was to be a one-stop business to service all musical needs. Our philosophy is to provide a service that was unfounded in South Africa, providing music tuition on an international level that is assessed through internationally accredited tertiary institutes such as; Rock and Pop, Royal Schools and UNISA .

School @ Marshall Music currently has THREE branches:
Johannesburg South

Working with these institutes allows us to offer a wider variety to best suit the student’s progression stylistically, in a constructive, goal orientated teaching environment. Our school teaching environment is set as one on one lessons, making learning fun and easy at the high quality of personal attention. Our rooms are also equipped to cater for the best instruction. Lessons are 30-minute sessions once weekly, and this caters to the science that a human’s concentration span at full tilt cannot exceed 22 minutes. Lessons are scheduled In as a weekly committed time slot, and the pricing is set lower than the industry standard, thus to offer a high standard at an affordable and realistic fee.